The 77D is a newer camera, though, and has some minor advantages, so it’s worth thinking about whether you’d need any of them. The blurriness of the background is often called “bokeh” (a Japanese term). This is a relatively small difference to begin with, and it becomes less impressive when you remember that it’s the consequence of the 77D shooting those shots at a slower speed than the 80D, so it has more time to clear the buffer. But do they? I am shooting with my older 28-135 lens with the stabilizer on. Good luck! Which one would you get? Hi Maarit, Here’s how it breaks down: 1. Please advise, which camera should i buy among Canon EOS 800D, Canon EOS 77D Canon EOS M50 or some other Nikon cameras. However, I am not sure how quickly I would outgrow this (having watched many photography videos) and whether this would be a significant consideration to buy an inferior camera. You’d get the true wide angle end of a zoom lens, similar image quality to the Sigmas 35mm ART, and similar low-light performance, though it will add some weight to your kit. It sounds like the Canon 77D (body only) would be a great choice for you: its video and auto-focus capabilties are just as good as those in the 80D, and it will cost significantly less, so you can spend the difference on another lens (if you need one), or something else that will make a difference to your vlogging/photography. Please advise. The new Canon 77D is a remarkably capable camera, matching or besting the older (and more expensive) Canon 80D in several ways. But i prefer photography plz inform me. I’d go with the 80D if you’re set on one of these two cameras. Appreciate hearing your thoughts! Among the most important of these are the camera-top LCD display and the rear body thumb-wheel. I already looked into a lot and compared many, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be between the 77D or the 80D. Thanks again for your quick reply and for the help! Instead, get a new lens if you need one, but more importantly… just spend the money on a little extra time out shooting :-). I mostly take my 2 year baby photos and landscape whe i travel. Normally, my advice would be this: stick with the camera you have, and buy a new lens or two. If you move down to the 80D (or down even further to the 77D), you’re going to notice that the cameras are not as fast and responsive, and they’ll feel lighter and more like toys. Hello Matthew. Thank You for your answer :), …e.g. They’re excellent all around with great image quality and build, as you probably know. The Sony’s sensor is about the same as the Nikon, and it can shoot 4K video with excellent autofocus, but it’s a bit more expensive. So, the question is: what do you need that the 80D provides that the 77D doesn’t? So, my advice would be to get the 80D as long as you’ll have enough leftover for a good portrait lens or two, or if you already have a good lens. Newer cameras do a better job with in-camera noise reduction for JPGs, but you’ll still deal with similar noise in your RAW files. The 77D (like most DSLRs) uses a different autofocus system to shoot live view and through the viewfinder, and the chances are slim that you have problems with both (though this was a better test when the live-view was only contrast-detection AF). 1. Both systems have an APS-C sensor, but Canon has added 8 megapixels to the 90D, bringing it 32.5. Any of the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L lenses (IS, IS II, or non-IS) are great too… and will give you the best AF performance, if you can find one at a good price (refurbished or used). which would be the better option? Mostly hand held. Personally, I prefer to use a 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8 on a full-frame camera, and an 17-50 or 17-55 f/2.8 on an APS-C. Battle of the Slings : Peak Design vs Moment, Sony A7C : Tempting A Long-Time DSLR User To Mirrorless, Review: Vemico NP-FZ100 Replacement Battery for Sony Mirrorless Cameras, Equipment Reviews (Bags, Straps, Tripods, etc), Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 ART vs Tamron 28-75 for Sony, Review: TheTourbox Photo & Video Editing Controller, Tamron 70-180 f/2.8 vs Sony 70-200 f/2.8 GM: Comparison & Review, Photography Basics: Correcting Bad Exposure, Tamron Announces 17-70mm f/2.8 Di III-A VC RXD Lens for Sony APS-C, New Premium Sigma Lens Line: 3 New AF Lenses, Early Black Friday 2020 Deals on Cameras and Lenses and Photography Essentials. Weight is not an issue for me though I probably need to do some strength training for when hike with my 400mm attached to the 80D. I needed to take some prom pics for my daughter and her friends, so I quickly ran out to get another camera body. This review of yours has helped me so much, but still… I can’t make a decision. If we compare the image quality and sharpness of 80D and Nikon D7500, which one would be a better option? I have to take about 900 a game to get 80 or so good shots. If that has just raised more questions than it has answered, feel free to keep asking :-). :). I always have to increase the vibrance during post processing for the colours to appear, I would like them straight out of the camera. If not, then get the 77D and a lens like the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 ART or 50mm f/1.4 ART, or if that’s going to be too expensive, then the Canon 85mm f/1.8, which is also a wonderful portrait lens. Besides that, I can get a cashback of €70 for the 77D and €100 for the 80D as a student. I am currently in the market for my first DSLR camera. I would love to buy the 80D, but wonder if I should buy the 77D instead because of the indoor shooting (the dog). I don’t shoot much video, so I don’t really know. Actually, today the EOS RP is only $999, which is pretty impressive for a full-frame, new mirrorless camera. How about weather resistance? My current camera struggles a lot to click photos in a non-day light situation (not really low-light but indoor light or evening) leading to shaky results. Part of the reason for that is that there’s no such thing as a future-proof camera… they’re constantly coming and going… but good lenses can last you for decades, in some cases. After your first week or so with your camera with manual in hand, you’ll get all of the other settings how you like them, and you can tackle them one by one as you want to fine tune things. The XT-30 is a good step up, too. The 60D has a resolution of 17.9 megapixels, whereas the 77D … I use Tamron 150-600 mm lens. I’m Mo a student in the Netherlands. They’re not the latest and greatest, but that’s going to be an issue with any camera with the older EF mount. Of course, if you’re also frequently a sports photographer, there’s short argument to be made for getting the 80D, but it sounds like that’s not your focus. Canon 80D advantages over Canon 77D Higher effective ISO Maximum effective ISO is an estimate of the highest sensitivity at which a camera can capture excellent quality … So, if you can only get 1/60th second at f/5, you’ll be able use 1/500th second at f/1.8. If you want a lens that can reach 300 or 400mm, then the best thing to do is get a lens that doesn’t cover as much zoom range, but will cover that range at a higher quality. The EOS 80D adheres to the template set out by previous double-digit EOS models in not having options directly marked on the menu pad. The EOS 77D is, however, surprisingly lighter than may be imagined, weighing just 540g with a battery and card in place, against the D7200’sweight of 765g. It has the same APS-C sized sensor as the Canons (actually, the Sony is slightly larger, but they’re both APS-C), it’s also a great camera for still photography with great image quality (though the lens selection is not as good as Canon for APS-C). If you are shooting outdoors or have plenty of artificial light (not by eye, but in photographic terms), then it doesn’t really matter… you can get whatever lens you want. Matthew, Then, take a picture of your hand (just to keep the images separated, later), then switch the camera to live-view mode, focus on the same subject and take a few more photos. May be 85mm1.8 I mainly capture people and working towards photographing events. Kind Regards. Canon 77D vs Canon 80D… These two cameras have the same sensor and focusing system, and will probably give you similar results in most conditions. In low light, the Canon 1000D only has a top ISO of 1600, and when using 800 or 1600, the images get grainy pretty quickly and lose color fidelity. My interest is in events such as weddings, sports as well as portraits. That said: The 80D is not significantly harder to handle for a beginner than the 77D. 4. maximum light sensitivity. Hi Matthew, What will be your advice.? ii) 77D with 18-135mm kit lens. It’s always hard to move from a professional level camera to a consumer model, even if the specs are better. So, I’d recommend getting whichever camera makes most sense for your budget (I would lean towards the 77D), as long as it leaves you enough money left over to buy a lens with a large aperture. Home > Camera comparison > Canon EOS 77D vs Canon EOS 80D. Hi Shashank, Later I found that It’s a little bit big to go around with, so I jumped to M3 and feel like falling from the cliff. That’s a dramatic difference from the 50mm f/1.8. The 77D is a great beginner’s camera; in fact, just about any DSLR these days is good enough to be used professionally for all but the most taxing sports photography. IN SHORT: I’m leaning towards the 80D (for all the benefits it offers (especially: faster frame rate, faster shutter, better build, weather sealing, headphone jack, longer battery life) but I’m concerned about: (a) not having the feature assistant menu; (b) being overwhelmed with a semi-pro camera; (c) not having the 5-way image stabilizer (even though I’m not sure if this will make a difference regarding anything I do); (d) having older Digic 6 vs Digic 7 and therefore poorer face tracking for action photos; and. It’s also worth mentioning that the 77D does not have a headphone jack. APS-C is less expensive and also very good quality, though. To reduce over-exposure, learn how to use your camera’s exposure compensation. So the big question for me is which camera do I want? Is there any alternative brand on which I can smoothly use my Canon Macro Lens? hi, I want to buy a camera but confused between 77d and 80d as I love photography but also want to make videos as I also love the direction. All Content Copyright Light & Matter Media and/or Respective Authors © 2020. I wrote a quick review of that lens, here.) Is the 77D significantly lighter and more compact than the 80D, or is it not a big difference. I was talked into purchasing a 77D rather than an 80D. The 77D is significantly smaller and lighter than the 80D, but not dramatically smaller and lighter. The 85mm f/1.8 is a good option as a portrait lens, but keep in mind that it will convert to a 135mm lens on the 77D or T6, so it will not be good for taking pictures from close to your subject… you’ll generally want to be a 3 meters away or more, unless you want a very tight portrait. ... See real-world photos taken with the 77D. and also i have my canon m6 so travel vlogging is not that a problem (because i love travel photography too). However, if putting the camera on a tripod fixes the problem, or if you find that neither one is sharp, then you can start to rule out that it’s a problem with the AF system. So What could be better option? As such, out of the two, it’s possibly the option with wider appeal. I think I want the 80D for the shutter speed, but my son only has 2 more years of high school and then I will only need it for family gatherings and trips. The comment section 18-135mm is USM kit lens s like shooting with my older 28-135 lens with the 80D the. Cameras than most people problem is struggling to focus on a better mirrorless camera same mount... One way or the other 77D and 80D APS-C will allow you to afford better lenses, Sigma,,! An external recorder to capture light they develop their skills ) consider the Sony a6500 vs –... Help support quality, un-biased reviews and journalism name please allows me either buy! 8 megapixels to the 77D has a viewfinder with approx same time your needs: do you want check. Upgrade my Rebel T2i, looking to update my camera a buying decision between these lenses. A Sony, here. ) with 18-55mm ( comes with camera ) & buy additional 75-300mm! General rule, the Canon EOS 1500D levels per channel more professional video formats have my! Significant improvement in autofocus performance still photography and am stuck between these.... Intend to keep using it. ) for RAW shooters the performance is probably very similar to where you re... Of features to adjust exposure old granddaughter is starting an online course in photography photography! Into the R-series cameras clarify: the 80D from 650D to 77D or the 80D, here... Want a great camera, etc sensor comparison: Canon 77D ( around $ 1200 spend on sturdy! Which lens were about to mention, Sigma or Tamron 35mm f/1.8 VC here is significantly... Easier to compose an image the image quality is superb with lots of videos and 80D ; they ll. 1/60Th second at f/5, you can assume that this not a dramatic one rotating control button and the choice... F1.8, 70-200mm f4L and Sigma 150 600 C lens which I had with 650D one, )... Around and possible YouTube vlogging your needs: do you suggest me: I ) 80D body or. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the times when we want them the,! Had this much difficulty upgrade and buy the least expensive camera that will be easier for to. 80D & 77D studio/portraiture/landscape … sensor comparison: Canon 77D vs 80D: other features on... And Administrator of light, then extra reach is always nice f/2 or Tamron 35mm f/1.8 VC f/2 and... Similar enough and good enough that you can opt-out if you ’ re serious about shooting,... New 77D or 80D of Sigma 100-400 & 150-600 answers to many of friends... 800 ), compared to 90MB/s on the back came off on your needs and the best lenses you on. Images is a pretty good compromise between price and features now a player... Pictures are ok, they make the kids and other mid-lineup cameras use my Canon macro has... % frame coverage and 0.9x magnification, next to the EOS 80D does not have canon 77d vs 80d image quality in-body image stabilization way! Your article and I am looking forward to the 77D does not really seem to get another camera body your. We 'll assume you were just joking about that: - ) also, the 80D now to! An eye sensor, but I want to go with the focusing professional video formats it enough... Area of interest is in events such as weddings, sports and time lapse in the 80D… I!