Each leaf has a distinctive pattern that looks like the outline of a smaller leaf. The Painted-Leaf Begonia offers fabulous fall shades of green, red, silver and purple and makes the ideal accent to your orange and black decorations. The painted leaf begonia can grow up to 24 inches tall. ©Top Tropicals LLC, 2003 - One of the species, B. coccinea, is named “angel wing” begonia, although many varieties in this group are commonly called angel wing begonia. Begonia - Plant For Corporate Gifting ₹340 ₹740-47%. Explore different Begonia Types and add colors in your home decor and gardens with beautiful blooms and variegated foliage!. King Begonia (Begonia 'Escargot') in the Begonias Database - Garden.org New and Unread Tree-Mails Read on to learn how to grow rhizomatous begonias and about rhizomatous begonia care. Cultivation. Click on image to enlarge. -Rita Randolph, Rex begonias, Fine Gardening … Rex begonia offers colorful foliage and is one of the most interesting indoor plants around. Begonia is a large and diverse group. They frequently have large leaves (up to 6 inches long) that are brightly colored in various shades of green, red, silver, and even purple. On top of the leaves are painted in light green with a transition to dark brown, on the inside the leaf has a light green color. Sometimes called painted-leaf begonias or fancy-leaf begonias, these plants are known for their showy, sometimes jaw-dropping leaf coloration. Boliviensis Begonia. Peduncle fairly high (40-50 cm), large flowers (2.5 cm) - bright pink. Attractive forms to grow include: ‘Her Majesty’, ‘President’, ‘King Edward IV’ and ‘Salamander’. Painted-Leaf Begonia Rex ₹499 ₹750-20%. All pictures are contributed by our community. Rieger: This category of begonias is winter-flowering. They are rhizomatous, meaning they typically grow horizontally and with shortened stems. See all of our most popular Begonia Rex varieties, including Escargot Suggested uses. Victorian Begonia Society: (03) 53362125. Types Collapse Expand. Rex begonias are rhizomatous. All begonia paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are many named varieties of Painted Leaf. Flowering begonias can be very large and impressive on the tuberous types whether trailing or upright varieties are selected. Choose newly matured leaves. ‘Escargot’ takes its name from the snail-like curl pattern at the base of the leaf. See more ideas about Begonia, Plants, House plants. Regardless, these are all fall in one category called Painted Leaf Rex Begonia. But the primary contribution of this Rex begonia is the beauty of its rich foliage. My favorite easy fancy-leaf begonias: