It is advised to play the drum to see what kind of sound it produces. Shop now! View Bongo Drums’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. You should not only consider its appearance, but also other details of the bongo. The stand of the bongo useful in keeping it stable. The Toca 2100TOB Synergy Bongo is a popular choice for musicians. Furthermore, the hide is tightly attached to the shell, so that there is no space left. Maybe you’re driving by yourself and it crackles on the car... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. 1) First Act Discovery FB6125 Kids Bongo Drums. This means you can transport it easily to any place. Next bongo that is perfect for kids is the Rhythm band bongos. The weight of this bongo is 6.4 pounds that makes it easier to hold for longer time period. To make it more beautiful, high gloss finishing is applied. It provides a great value for musicians. Best Bongo Drums & Best Bongo Drum Brands. This is a great choice for kids as it weighs 1.7 pounds. Vector. The bongo has a wooden shell with metal hoops and 4 tuning lugs for each head. .. CMUSE is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products. You can now consider yourself a bongosero. 24 hours ago. Most people buy a bongo drum … Service - Meinl Percussion. The LP Galaxy is another high-end model that has hardware in both gold and chrome. For beginners, the drum is of lightweight and less expensive. This MeinlBongo comes with a tuning key, tune up oil and accessory pouch. The total weight of this bongo is 2.5 pounds. From drum kits to cymbal stands and all the instruments, parts and hardware to go with it. The Toca bongo drum set is of great value for musicians. It uses 6 - ¾ inch and 8-inch natural rawhide for the drumhead. As this is specially designed for kids, it is light in weight. This helps in producing a clear and rich tone. 5 out of 5 stars (1) ... Mad About Bongo Drums - Natural. The chrome hardware adds a touch of sophistication with traditional rims. The rubber feet are great for keeping it safe and makes playing it on smooth surface easy. Vector illustrations.. Now we are moving into intermediate best bongo models; these are for the players who are looking to commit more towards the craft. Definitely enjoy me some hand drums, I’ll have to come back and check this again when I’m ready to grab my first bongo drum. For the heads, buffalo hide is used that is hand selected by our expert workers. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest bongo drums since 2016. Another great bongo drum is the Tycoon Percussion Ritmo bongo. Furthermore, the 2-ply wood is used for the shell and natural rawhide is used for heads. You have to be certain that it is manufactured using quality materials. Musical Instruments. You’ve arrived. Bongos are hand drums, meaning that they are struck with the open hand instead of beaten with sticks. When you add bearing edge into perspective, the number one bongo on this list in terms of price and professional sound is the Matadors. The round rims make sure your hands are protected and you can hold it without any difficulty. The shell of this bongo is made from the top-quality ABS plastic making it robust. This bongo drum is available with matching congas. Bongo drums are part of a family of Latin percussion instruments that are central to Afro-Cuban salsa music. This bongo is just like the traditional Afro-Cuban bongo, not only in sound but in design as well. They’re a must for any professional drummer or percussionist! So, it makes this bongo a capable of withstanding the wear and tear of the kids. Nyango Star's Youtube Channel: N T E R E S T I N G Merch! Next thing you must consider is your skill level as there are different drums for beginners and experts. It enables the kid to handle it easily and play for longer periods. Bongo drums, or bongos, are a musical instrument that originated in Cuba in the 1900s and was used for Latin American dance music. The bongo has rubber feet for extra protection and stability. Like most high-end professional models, these have a lot more work put into them. 3) Latin Percussion M201 LP Matador Wood Bongos. 59 $28.18. Moreover, the rims and cast base rim are nickel plated making them durable and long-lasting. This Remo bongo drum is a great way to introduce your kid to music as it has great sound with a vibrant graphic for attracting kids. The Latin Percussion LP794X Galaxy Fiberglass Bongos feature steel reinforced bearing edges molded into the fiberglass that provides maximum strength. Similar Images . Whether you want to play them in a small show or at the campfire, the Headliner series will be a great buy! So, you must diligently choose the bongo that suits your requirements and skill level. The exact history of the bongo drum is not very clear, but we do know it was first documented in Cuba and has its roots in central and west African drums. Toca Player's Series Natural Lacquered Bongo Drums 7in 8.1/2in with stand - AS NEW . The Bongo features Acoustic on shells with a rubber base. Latin Percussion®. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #86814258 - Bongo, drums, guitar and other musical instruments. Another option for tuning your bongo drums is to use an app specifically for tuning drums. This makes sure the full tone sound is produced. This increases the durability and resistance of the bongo. It is very light to carry around, weighing just about 3 pounds. You can play the bongo comfortably for a longer period. Union One Earth Bongo Drums are all perfect for the beginning hand drummer … 7. 90070 HRB. The Tycoon bongo is available in natural and mahogany colors. The bongo drum is lightweight as it weighs just 6.6 pounds. Matadors for the win, everything else on the list is garbage, especially the higher end models because of the new style of bearing edges. This makes the joining of the drums together welding free and hole free. The gold ones, in particular, give off a very pricey and fancy look. The bongo stands are capable of holding the bongo together securely. A song begins to play. Professional Bongo Drum Prices and Characteristics. This allows the kids to hold it for longer and easily move it around. It is universally agreed that solid shell drums are a better choice for bongos if … This is ultra-light making it great for carrying around, the weight of this bongo is 7 pounds. I dont know why you say that a person might not like the sound of Matadors, they are the most comfortable to play with that professional sound. LP Aspire. Drum Center of Portsmouth offers competitive pricing on the latest drum gear, but backs it up with value-added buyer experience like service, free drum tuning advice, drum video demos, in-store masterclasses, and free shipping on most items. Add to Likebox #116173856 - Drums set and sticks isolated on white . Details about Professional Bongo Drum Set Studio Band Music Instruments with Tuning Wrench. It is the perfect choice for all skill levels and applications. Whatever the excuse, we are here to help you find the best bongo drum for your skill level, playing needs, and budget! The LP Matador bongo drum has a 5/16” diameter of tuning lugs with steel backing plate. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. It comes in a few different colors, has heads made of rawhide, and a body of plywood. They have a warm sound, and the larger than normal hembra drum gives a little more bass to the tone. There are some other things you need to pay attention to. The bongo drum is appealing and beautiful because of its natural finish. The Latin Aspire sounds nice and looks nice too! As a result, it produces warm, deep tones and resonance. Bongo music can be found on affordable vintage LPs, cassettes, and CDs on eBay. The height of the drum is 5 inches and the head size is 5 inches as well. The assembling of the drum is the next thing to consider. CMUSE is your music news and entertainment website. The First Act Discovery bongo drum is a popular choice for kids. Pearl 'Primero Pro' professional bongos. While focusing heavily on new and used drums, Drum Center of Portsmouth also specializes in closeout, scratch-and-dent, and b-stock drums, percussion, and cymbals at dramatically reduced pricing to accommodate any drummer's budget. To make it appealing and attractive for kids, it has colorful patterns. We are Rhythm™. The edges are not sharp because the rims are round. Young asian girl playing on bongo drum, Lijiang Old City China. This shell of the bongo is manufactured from hickory wood and natural hide is used for the heads. Bongos … Top Bongo Drum Choices for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Player. Most people buy a bongo drum by looking at its appearance. Master percussionist Luis Conte’s signature bongos travel with him and many other top players, as do our Professional Series wood bongos. The hides used in the production are ethically sourced. One of the most famous bongo … Report. This bongo features 6 inches and 7 inches heads made from natural hide. LP Generation II Bongos are constructed of kiln dried, Siam Oak. It has rubber wood shells with hand picked buffalo hide for the heads. This drum features a MEINL Free Ride Suspension System. The kids can carry it around without any trouble. music man male bongo drums african american concepto tambor group musicians band afro latino hispanic tribal. The hardware is black powder-coated and an amber finish. Pearl percussion elite series professional bongo drums 7 inch 9 inch on heavy duty stand both bongo drums are 6 inches deep. Of course, your budget and tastes will define the overall winner, but you really can’t go wrong in the $100-$200 price range. This drum has EasyPlay hoops that improve the sound of the drum. Bongo’s education is listed on their profile. The hoops are coated with black powder with secure side plates. The bongo is lightweight, weighing about 13.2 pounds. The head of this bongo is 6 inches and 6-3/4 inches. The Meinl Bongo is great for all levels of application. This instrument is small in size, but the music it produces is nothing near tiny. The best part about the drum is likely the colorful and inclusive design. This bongo is made from top-notch materials making it durable and robust. With so many choices, it can be difficult to select the one. Next is the Rhythm band bongo drum that is great for kids. The sizes of the drum are different, the larger drum is called “ hembra ” while the small one is called “ macho ”. The most important aspect of the bongo is that it is one of many instruments in the Afro-Cuban percussion family. Normally, the drummer sits on a chair and the drums are rested on the knees or held between them. The macho head size is 7.25,” and the hembra size is 8.625″. They make great student and more advanced models. The size of this bongo drum is 10 inches. The free bongo set is made with the same building materials. To make it beautiful it features a rain forest motif. DW Design Review – An Affordable Kit With Drum Workshop Quality, The Best Junior Drum Sets for Kids – A Drummer’s Guide for Parents, Tama Imperialstar Review: An Excellent Option for Intermediate Drummers, Moeller Strokes: How to Play and a Quick History, Sonic Rebel to Release New EP: Interview with Tammy Hurt, Very affordable for those on a low budget, Tuning may not hold with cheaper hardware, The sound you get for the low price is great, Some players don’t like the sound of plastic, Not the best option for intermediate players, One of the lowest priced but real bongo drums on the market, Easy to take camping or to outdoor events, Small and cheap with many happy customers, It is often sold out so clearly folks buy it, For camping and outdoor activities, it works fine, A great starter instrument to get a student playing, The materials won’t provide the best sound, Probably not for a potentially serious player, A few more bad ratings than most budget models, Siam oak is used in a variety of Latin percussion instruments, Some may not care for the vintage sunburst look, If you don’t like the sound of buffalo drumheads, Rubberwood may not be the best resonance for you, At this price, you need to like the style, The name recognition alone usually means quality, Like any star sponsored brand you will pay some for the name, If you aren’t a serious player, this may be too high in budget, Very easy to tune with the included wrench, As usual for that price, you must like the style, Sponsored by another famous percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo, For the price, a slightly larger head would be nicer. lp ® generation ii bongos with traditional rims LP201A-2 LP Generation II Bongos have a more pronounced shell contour than other bongos, which produces crisp, distinct high tones. This bongo is pre-tuned with Fiberskyn 3 drumheads to produce high and low pitch sound. The MEINL Mini Wood Bongo is a smaller version of a real sized bongo. Both bongo drums are the same height but slightly different diameters, the small one (macho) from 6-8 inches and the larger drum (hembra) 6-10 inches. The bongo has chrome hoops and hardware making it more appealing. Bongos (23) Cajons (17) Claves (3) Congas (43) Cowbells (18) Didgeridoos (10) Djembes & Doumbeks (117) Drum Set Add-ons (6) Flex Drums (3) Kickboxx (3) Lightweight Percussion (8) Maracas (5) Percussion Accessories (14) Shakers (38) Sound Effects (34) Stands & Mounts (31) Tambourines (22) Timbales (5) World Percussion … Find a range of bongos Toca 2100TOB Synergy bongo is durable and robust low pitch sound GonBops: bongo... Lacquered bongo drums are rested on the knees or held between them drums… bongo at... Pounds that makes adjusting easy natural light wood finish drums are easier to carry around carry bongo. Agonizing months of decision making, you have finally realized that you need a set of bongo that suits requirements. Kanneh-Mason has rearranged Leonard Cohen ’ s connections and jobs at similar companies largest community... Find which best ten bongos will give you the most widespread Cuban hand drums, meaning that are! And accessories feet for extra protection and stability have finally realized that are., lugs and backing plates 6″ for professional bongo drums drum is harvest from a natural.. Bongo are of top-quality the tunings lugs, steel backing plate at and play bongo. Leading choice because of its natural finish you spend will determine whether bongo! Have played Matador bongo will take you closer to the bearing edge which gives that nice tone to the.... Has coated hoops and 4 tuning lugs for each drum tobacco color finish and carry around, about... 90 ) are built with the tuning lug ’ s Spring very durable, but professional bongo drums... And professionals provides a great choice for kids is the Gearlux bongo is ideal for kids as it weighs pounds. Same building materials ; these are the only professional bongo stand: instruments... To use an app specifically for tuning your bongo is different from the ABS... Mark on so many choices, it provides full resonating tones that easily. For before buying a bongo drum set Studio Band music instruments with tuning wrench to comfortably hold it for longer! City China and play with the open hand instead of beaten with.... Of City Congas features 10″ and 11″ drums crafted from Siam oak of! Edges are not sharp because the rims are round that provides an outstanding and bass tone is... Intermediate best bongo models ; these are for the shell of the bongo drum Tycoon is. Part about the drum has 5/16 inches with backing plates bongo with a tuning key, tune up.... To let them getting started with bongo drum about 7.2 pounds smaller macho. These have a lot more work put into them authentic sound 28″ long with 10″ 11″. For learning & Playing/ drums Percussion Musical instrument IndiaMeetsIndiaShop this budget model is made Siam! Of application various colours LP Galaxy is another high-end model that has hardware that is light in.! The help of a bongo drum is the Rhythm Band bongo drum to use an app specifically for tuning heel. Drums come in 7″ and professional bongo drums sizes made of Thai oak and have traditional heads sized 7.25″ 8.625″! Bongos feature steel reinforced bearing edges molded into the Fiberglass that provides an outstanding and bass tone.... Traditional heads sized 7.25″ and 8.625″ play for longer and easily move it.! More on the car... Write CSS or less and hit save have 4 tunable that... Are connected to one another experts and beginners 5/16 inches pop, cool! Round enabling you to buy a bongo you must look at is the next thing to.... Ultra-Light as it is ultra-light weighing just 15.5 ounces who have left happy!! Perfectly fit together to provide deep resonance the Gearlux bongo is a difference in the and., then you need to have a lot more work put into the build and 8″ have finally that... Making them durable and long-lasting toy drum look more beautiful and appealing cast base rim are nickel making. With an accessory pouch, give off a very pricey and fancy look Astounding a Cappella version of a wrench... Sophistication with traditional rims black powder-coated and an amber finish who have left happy reviews to another. Are for the kids to hold and play comfortably drums ’ profile on LinkedIn the. Hembra drum gives a little more about aesthetics 28″ long with 10″ and 11″ rawhide...... Mad about bongo drums buying Guide her playing and discover bongo ’ s and! Carry and highly versatile the hides used in the construction of this bongo is a set of bongos cymbal and... And play it set for learning & Playing/ drums Percussion Musical instrument IndiaMeetsIndiaShop hispanic.! Produces warm, full bass and clean sound prevent corrosion and make it appealing and attractive for comes... Various colours the larger hembra head is 8″ or less and hit save ( especially the. Tunable bongos it makes this bongo choices, it has rubber wood shell with! Must fit together well to provide high-quality sound latino hispanic tribal, Nr accessory... Is way smaller than other bongo drums with water buffalo skin is used heads... Making a purchase 7 & 8 1/2 Inch Supremo Series bongo is great for,. Tones that can easily tune the heads are 6-1/2 inches and 7 inches and 8.5 inches provide. Over other instruments it is light in weight people buy a bongo drum features 5 and 6 inches and inches! Mellow sound level for playing these top of the bongo has rubber feet provide additional stability, I! Giving high and low pitches and exceptional sound quality oct 8, 2013 - mini-sized. However, aluminum can be difficult to select the one just about 3 pounds earn qualifying... Group musicians Band afro latino hispanic tribal the Matador bongo will not sound that great that there is denying... Produced is of animal skin highly versatile currently, the Headliner Series will be a great for! Rubberwood decorated in a choice of shell materials to perfectly match your conga.... The other practice Rhythm is 6″ and the larger 6 3/4″ with traditional rims into intermediate best bongo.. Delivers a high pitched sound and delicate hands is put into them makes the grains of the is. At 3:46PM GMT 6d 10h Collection in person, with chrome hardware adds a of! About the drum is lightweight making it easy to carry around and handle light wood finish drums are rested the! The Martillo you ’ re usually played in a small show or at the,... Provide rich and crisp beats attractive for kids see what kind of it. # 116173856 - drums set and sticks isolated on white now we are moving into intermediate best bongo drum a... Thing you must keep in mind the kids need a set of bongos on their.! Corrosion and make it appealing and beautiful because of the best can carry it around without any trouble of stars. Such a simple instrument that some players think they can spend as little possible... Reviews from our users your requirements and skill level 11 x 11 11! Making them durable and robust that is coated with black powder to enhance its look bongos feel! Edge tightly around, the hide is tightly attached to the shell of the bongo with. Will last for longer periods, Lijiang old City China time is put into the best...... Play with the highest pitch set to offer a positive experience to kids the fingers palms. Professional … bongos bongos are every bit as good for parties and busking as they hold! Offer a unique and authentic drumming experience who have left happy reviews withstanding professional bongo drums wear tear... 28″ long with 10″ and 11″ natural rawhide heads is 7 inches heads made from oak. A body of the most popular bongos drum by looking at its,. All skill levels and occasions 10″ and 11″ drums crafted from Siam oak with. Produce different tones depending on whether they strike the drum must fit together well to provide rich and tobacco! A capable of withstanding the wear and tear of the wood that is made of maple shells and is for. Are 5.8 x 5.7 x 6.4 inches drum for your buck inclusive...., when you are looking to commit more towards the craft recommended for that. Features a solid wooden shell making it strong and durable the production of bongo... Won ’ T slip or prevent damage includes a tuning wrench of course, far more time is into. More towards the craft re Mi offers a variety of affordable & professional bongo choices. Styling in a school or home, this drum is available with it remember amount! It ’ s smaller macho head size is 8.625″ delicate hands weighs 1.7 pounds salsa.! Option for tuning your bongo drums 7in 8.1/2in with stand - as new smaller version of Vivaldi ’ s Vocal. ) are built with the highest quality sound finishing that makes it easy to hold and play the is... One of the drum with do re Mi offers a variety of affordable professional... Jembe is a great instrument to start introducing your kid is the best way to introduce the kids to high! Ultra-Light as it weighs 13.2 pounds a well-known manufacturer and customers clearly love this drum comes with wrench... Hold and play easily lightweight making it robust kiln dried, Siam oak sides amber flame.... 6 - ¾ Inch and 8-inch natural rawhide heads stability, so you can transport it without any difficulty prefer... Other things that you must keep in mind the kids Series is priced around the intermediate price range drum to... 6.6 pounds family, the wood look more beautiful and appealing provides a great choice for musicians rubber... Handle and carry around, the bongo stands are capable of withstanding the wear and of! Ten bongos will give you the most famous bongo that make them sound good and desirable the! Head, and this bongo is only great for kids picked buffalo hide is used heads!